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About Me

From a dirt bike kid to world class FMX rider!

  • Early Years

    My Beginnings

    With over 40 years riding experience my motorcycle journey starts back when I was around 5 or 6 years old riding dirt bikes with my dad and all of our family friends. I always went riding with bigger and better riders than I was up until that rider was me! Through my teen years I became well known in my hometown as very good and well-rounded dirt bike rider this set me up for what was about to happen in the 90’s. Already being a very good motorcycle jumper and trick rider the FMX scene (Freestyle Motocross) was just emerging in the latter 90’s starting out doing half time shows at local motocross races, mud bogs and monster truck shows myself and a couple other friends were about to hit the world stage of FMX.

  • The 90's

    FMX Start

    In 1999 we applied to compete in one of the world’s first ever organized FMX events in the USA and we were accepted among some of the world’s best riders. Our first event went over so well we came home to Canada quit our day jobs and went on an amazing motorcycle journey lasting nearly a decade for myself! Continuing on into the 2000’s competing in some of the world’s biggest FMX events of that time period, I have participated in FMX shows all over North America and even South America a few times and in as big of shows as the Gravity Games which was similar to the X-Games! I even graced the cover of some major magazines!

  • The 2000's

    Transition From FMX

    Needless to say I have enjoyed entertaining and signing autographs for youngsters and people all over the country for nearly a decade this was my sole income and I did very well at it but being one of the older riders this awesome roller coaster ride was coming to an end by my choice. After retiring in 2006 from full time FMX riding with relatively minor to moderate injuries I opened my own landscaping company in 2007 a job which I worked at on my downtime when I was not away riding. In recent years I have been working on my photography & videography skills to accompany my riding skills. I opened a YouTube channel as well as a few successful social media accounts most notably Instagram and Face Book with nearly 100.000 followers between the two I see some awesome opportunities to give back to the riding community.

  • Present Day

    Past, Present To Future

    I film myself riding in and around the back country of BC, Canada and my plans are to teach riding skills and make movie like dirt bike videos for the riding community via my YouTube channel. In order to do this it requires a huge amount of time and commitment but luckily I am self-employed meaning I can take the time to make quality videos, in other words the more I can support myself from making videos the less I have to focus on my day job! My Patreon page is a way to contribute to my YouTube channel if you enjoy the enduro how-to and riding videos than become my Patrons and chip in a dollar or two this might not sound like much but with enough contributions this could help me reach my end goal, to film part time or even full time if possible which suits me just fine on a bike and behind the camera is where I love to be the most! Thanks for reading this look forward to hearing from everyone, Rick. https://www.patreon.com/HeddleTown

  • Thanks For Reading!


I film, edit, produce & ride in all my own videos! Below are some random and popular videos from my YouTube channel there are also links in the photo section under each photo. Enduro Riding Tips series is now up check it out below I have pinned the playlist to the top! Sort of lessons / how-to's via my YouTube channel so watch for more and make sure and subscribe so you get a notification for new videos. :)


Some of my favorite photos see my Instagram for more.

Best Dual Sport On Earth

Wheelie Time

Climbing The Rocks

Taking A Break

Jumping My CR500AF

Dirt Bike Exploring


New for 2021 one on one and small group riding lessons send me a message with the "Contact" button for more info! My on-line Enduro Lesson Series is doing very well with lots of awesome feedback check it out Here. I use the Instagram and the FB pages listed below as well as all of my social media for updates. I have lots of interesting videos coming out on my YouTube channel this year, open class two stroke CR500AF videos , ADV dual sporting videos and enduro videos. I started a video series to help build your enduro riding skills.. sort of a lesson type series it's now under the video section at the top! Check out my new Two Minute Tuesday series in the meantime, videos on all sorts of bike related stuff all in a 2-3 minute time slot. I also provide riding tips in this series as well! Check out my YT channel trailer for a preview of what I like to do watch it Here.


Rider / Photographer / Video Guy / Coach


Buying shirts and becoming my patrons helps support my YouTube channel so I can get out and do more filming. As well as upgrade equipment.

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    My Patreon page will act as a direct way for viewers to help support the channel as the videos on Youtube have been, and will always be free. There is no obligation for anyone to contribute, but those who do are greatly appreciated! The content there you can't see anywhere else, there currently are $1, $2 and $5 tiers. Thank you to my current Patrons! Click the button photo!

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